28 mar

'Smart Citizen' Involves People in the Construction of their Cities

Smart Citizen is a platform for researchers, schools, communities, urban areas and developers which boosts participatory processes of people in cities.

The main objective of this project, developed by Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, is to promote the collective construction of smarter cities by their own inhabitants.

Based on geolocation, the Internet of Things and open source hardware and software, the platform connects data, citizens and knowledge in order to create more efficient relations between resources, technology, communities, services and events within the urban environment.

The Smart Citizen initiative encompasses two elements: a sensor board that captures environmental data and uploads it to the Internet and a platform that collects this data to make it useful for the users.

On its website, anyone can see which users are already contributing collecting and sharing information about their city using the Smart Citizen Kit for urban monitoring. It is also possible to check which devices are online and offline, to read some documents about the project and to interact with other people in the forum.

To register, follow this link.


Contact us

For more information about the Clines project, please contact the Technical Coordinator:

Arne Skou

Vice-Director, CISS

(+45) 9940 8851

You can also contact:

Charlotte Fonseca Holmene

Administrative project manager

(+45) 9940 7345