The idea of joint innovation workshops is bringing together a variety of stakeholders from regional and international levels and both focusing on innovation of embedded systems technology and also on innovative applications within selected areas with a special focus on smart city ecosystems.

The results will provide important, challenging input to the work on a joint RTD plan.

27th. April 2016 Workshop in San Sebastian (Spain)

During the Innovation Workshop celebrated in San Sebastian, we had the opportunity to get to know first hand two real challenges from two administration bodies, that reflected actual problems of the Smart City domain:

Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa: How to increment and strengthen the citizen participation and involvement with administration by making use of ICT

Fomento de San Sebastián: The use of ICT for the energetic balance and new business model creation in the energetic rehabilitation of buildings

The companies proved to be very participatory and devoted to coolaborate.


28th of October 2015. Workshop in Munich (Germany)

The Innovation Workshop "Smart City" held on October 28th in Garching near Munich, Germany was preceded by an open call. From the applications, 46 participants were selected: Technology-experts from companies and research institutions (with knowledge ranging from sensors to big data and mobility), city hall representatives, employees from public utilities, from CEOs to master students. Via the CLINES project, there were 10 international participants (Argentina, Spain, Denmark, Belgium) - the bra moderators that "No" is verboten today, and that "Yes, and..." is getting much further. The experienced moderating team from Aalborg University really got everybody onto the "creative platform".


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08th of June 2015. Workshop in Aalborg (Denmark)


13rd of June 2014. First workshop: Embedded Systems for Smart Cities. Brussels (Belgium)

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