28 oct

Our Next Appointment is in Munich to address “Smart Solutions for the Cities of the Future”

This coming October 28, we will hold an International Innovation workshop in Munich on Technological Solutions for Smart Cities. We will share success stories and cooperate to identify these solutions, which will later allow us to tackle design and transformation challenges of the cities of the future. 

The demand for “smart” products and services, together with issues of accessibility for the citizenship, are boosting the development of a top-tier technological industry.

 In the session to be held in the German city of Munich this coming October 28, attendants will be able to hear two inspiring experiences for themselves; when their respective leaders will present them. On one hand, the city of Munich itself, and on the other, the municipality of Buenos Aires, which, with a population of over 13 million, will present its vision on how to advance in this direction in very large territorial contexts. The contrast between these two experiences will allow those participating to debate specific solutions for different realities, and identify collaborative work areas.

 The specific “Challenges” planned for the Work Session agenda are the following:

  - Street Lighting. How to use Sensors to develop New Citizen Services

    City of Munich, Dr Wolfgang Glock

  - Technological Solutions for transforming Urban Districts into Attractive Living Spaces for the Active Population

    Dr Carlos Pirovano, city of Buenos Aires


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