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Cities for tomorrow confidence

The Cities for Tomorrow Conference, which will take place in New York City (USA) on 20th and 21st July, is the second annual industry conference exploring the cutting-edge innovations reshaping the world’s urban areas.

Participants will be able to interact with policymakers and participate in interactive sessions, connecting with more than 300 leaders in key industries of American society. They will also be able to listen to the latest and most important developments in key city sectors, such as housing, transportation, mobility, health and safety. Topics that are on the agenda of cities ceaselessly seeking to improve and strengthen their economic, social and environmental conditions.

Another featured topic will be 'Utopia/Dystopia: The Planet's Newest Cities', about cities that are born overnight, refugee camps, Chinese megacities, etc. It will tackle all of the problems that plague these urban areas and how to help and contribute at an unimaginable scale.

The event will provide a dynamic environment for collaboration between the industry's leading decision makers, who are creating the future of our cities. It will be an opportunity for:

  • Learning why giving little attention to the topic of resilience in cities may affect its organization and jeopardize the future
  • New policies and legislative initiatives
  • Economic and financial implications for organizations
  • New perspectives through listening and connecting with distinguished speakers and participants

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