12 may

Virtual power plants for smart, energy-efficient buildings

Eco-Shift Power Corp  has entered into a Master Services Agreement with Buffalo Watt Holdings to design and build proprietary software that will become the Building-level foundation of ECOP’s Virtual Powerplant Platform.

The Virtual Powerplant Platform aims to provide lighting products, smart energy management technologies and solutions  to reduce energy costs for mid-sized businesses to large multiple-facility corporations.

The partnership will create a Site Automation System that seamlessly integrates with Buffalo Watt’s existing Cloud-level demand management software, known as the Converged Energy Platform, that will provide a modern web-based user interface that is accessible by any web browser via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. ECOP will fully own the proprietary Building-Level software, and related Intellectual Property which will allow the company to create smart buildings with control over lighting. Over time, additional modular components such as HVAC, compressors and pumps.

The Virtual Powerplant Platform will provide commercial and industrial energy users with the ability to transform their facilities into smart, energy efficient and cash-flow-positive buildings via ECOP’s state-of-the-art, IP-addressable light fixtures that have wireless communication.  Communication between the platform and the lights will allow for the increase or reduction of energy, depending on the demand and the software-embedded algorithms managing the facility.  ECOP’s clients will greatly benefit from the platform as it will also be managed by Eco-Shift Power on a 24/7 basis.

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