25 nov

Smart City - Interest Group Bavaria

27 representatives from public authorities, research and business took part in the kick off event of the Bavarian regional interest group for Smart City solutions in Munich, Germany on November 25th 2014.

After the keynote speeches the participants gave a brief introduction about their backgrounds and their experiences as well as their opinions on Smart City topics. Four themes have emerged as priority areas:

Smart Mobility: Multi-modality mobility services with integration of private providers and public transport; management of parking spaces

Smart Environment: Energy management via virtual power plants and for smart grids, specifically applied to residential areas; networking infrastructure / building / industrial facilities

Smart Living: Energy and heat control, with the help of sensors; Safety and comfort solutions with sensor floor in private buildings environment

Smart Governance:  E-Government; E-Participation

All participants agreed that the technological possibilities of ICT are of great importance. In addition, the citizens' enthusiasm for the success of the smart city initiatives is crucial. The City of Munich regards the "Smart City-Interest Group Bavaria" as a competent platform for exchanging ideas and suggestions.

The regional interest group will meet again in February 2015


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